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St. Peter’s Weekly News

June 14, 2017

While Emily’s Away: Daniel, Maggie and I will be away from June 15-June 30 traveling throughout China with the other families whose daughters were in the same orphanage with Maggie. Deacon Pat will be on-call for all pastoral needs. You can reach her on her cell at 215-262-9335. The Rev. Phyllis Taylor will be serving as our priest for the two Sunday services. I ask for your prayers for my family as we make this amazing pilgrimage. Many thanks, Emily+

Break-fast in the evening!  You are cordially invited to the Interfaith Iftar Dinner and program at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel 8339 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027 on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 7:30 PM.  The Iftar dinner (the ceremonial breaking of the Ramada fast) is a gift from the Peace Island Institute; there is no charge for the program or the – dinner.    Reservations are required by Friday, June 16th: Pam at 215-887-8702 or

Jazz & Joe: is returning to St. Peter’s THIS SUNDAY at 7p.m. If you enjoyed Alan Segal and his Jazz Sanctuary when they played for our All Saints Day Service in November or at their concert in January, then you will not want to miss them when they return to St. Peters on this night. All proceeds go to support the Saint Peter’s music ministry.

Summer Schedule June 18-Sept. 3: We will continue our 10 a.m. service throughout the summer with lemonade hour after the service in the parish hall. We will have no education for children & adults and there will be no nursery care.

Summer Storytellers: Beginning June 18 we will have Summer Storytellers available during the 10 AM service for our children. Readers are needed for this fun activity. You are welcome to bring your own, favorite stories to share or choose from the books in the Library. Please sign up on the education bulletin board. Shannon.                                                                                                                                                              

Summer Fellowship: July 2- September 3 we invite you to bring a dish to share (snacks, sweets, veggies and dip, etc.) Lemonade will be provided. We will need volunteers to help with clean up after each fellowship. A sign-up sheet is posted in the kitchen.  Thanks for your help! Eileen Dooley & all fellowship hosts.

Pledge Reminder: This is just a friendly reminder to please top off your monthly and weekly pledges before you go on vacation this summer. Our expenses continue through the summer and we depend on the cash flow from your pledges to pay our bills.  If you have any questions regarding your pledge or would like to submit or adjust your pledge to St. Peter’s, please contact me at  Happy Summer!  – Bob Hartung, Accounting Warden

Calendar Items: Attention all committee/ministry heads, please email Patty at all events/meetings/programs for the September 2017-June 2018 calendar. Please have them to me no later than July 3.  Thank you!

Music News: During the month of August, we will be singing favorite hymns of the congregation. Please submit your suggestions to Tim Brown, or simply put a note in his church mailbox. Thanks for your feedback!!!

Office Note: Please note that the office is closed every Friday. Patty does not work on Fridays. Emily works from home that day and can be reached on her cell. Thank you!

Our New Vestry Members: At our annual meeting on May 7th, Connie Clinefelter, Debbie DeKalb, Lisa Donahue, Dori Meginley and Matt Moore were elected to our Vestry.  Please begin praying for them in their new ministry among us! Many thanks, Emily+

New Wardens Appointed: It is with joy that Melissa Olson has agreed to serve another year as our  Rector’s Warden and Stephanie Gill has accepted my invitation to serve as our new People’s Warden. Bob Hartung was elected at our annual meeting to serve as our new Accounting Warden. I give thanks for their willingness to take on such important leadership roles in the life of our parish community.  Please share with Melissa, Stephanie and Bob your gratitude and begin praying for them! Emily+

Property Note: Our beautiful white Dogwood tree in the memorial garden was planted when the church building was dedicated. Being over sixty years old, while it is in good health, as with anything with age it is fragile. Please refrain from climbing on its limbs and enjoy its beauty.

“The Legend of the Dogwood”: In Jesus’ time, the Dogwood tree had grown to a great size, like that of an Oak tree! They used it to build the cross that Jesus was hung on. This made the Dogwood tree sad. Jesus, sensing this sadness, promised the Dogwood tree that it would never again grow large enough to build a cross. It’s branches would be narrow and crooked-not good for building at all. And now the Dogwood tree has many traits to remember this promise. The Dogwood flower has 4 petals, shaped like a cross, he middle of the Dogwood flower, a crown of thorns, at the edge of each petals, a nail dent and the nail dents are stained with the color of Jesus’ blood.





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