Lent Madness

Lent Madness 2012

What do you get when you combine a love of sports with Holy Saints? Lent Madness of course. Based loosely on the wildly popular NCAA basketball tournament, Lent Madness pits 32 saints against one another in a single-elimination bracket as they compete for the coveted Golden Halo; people vote for their favorite saint. 16 saints make it to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen; eight advance to the Round of the Elate Eight; four make it to the Faithful Four; two to the Championship; and the winner is awarded the Golden Halo. This year Lent Madness features a slate of saints ancient and modern, Biblical and ecclesiastical as they vie to fill the shoes of 2015 winner Francis.  This all kicks off on “Ash Thursday,” February, 10th and will continue throughout the 40-day season of Lent. Like that other March tournament, there will be drama and intrigue, upsets and thrashings, last-minute victories and Cinderellas.  If you’re looking for a Lenten discipline that is fun, educational, occasionally goofy, and always joyful, join the Lent Madness journey.

How do I play?
1. Pick up a blank 2016 bracket on the table outside the chapel, in the church office or print it off the Lent Madness website Lent Madness.
2. Fill out your bracket sheet (or as many as you wish) with your picks (be sure to put your name on top!) Make a copy for yourself and put a copy in Deacon Pat’s mailbox with your $5.00 entry fee (per bracket sheet). We need all entries by Ash Wednesday February, 10.
3. The entry fee will be split 50/50 between the winner and Saint Peter’s general fund.
4. We will use a “simple” point system to decide the winner, awarding 2 points for first round picks (the Saintly 16), 3 for second round picks (the Elate Eight), then 5 for the Faithful Four, 8 for the final two competitors, and 13 for the ultimate winner of the Golden Halo. This gives a total of 105 possible points, and the possible points from each round are 32, 24, 20, 16, and 13.
5. Our winner will be declared after the Golden Halo is awarded.
6. We will have a large bracket posted for all to see and we will update the leaders after each round.

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