Library and Archives

St. Peter’s Library

The Library is open to all. People can go there to browse through many types of books (spirituality, prayer, Bible study, history, church history, and more) and sign out books. Anyone not a member of the church should include their address and phone number on the sign-out card. Books should be returned within three weeks of sign-out. Deposit returned books into the Book Box inside the doors to the Library.

Our Library also houses church-related periodicals, religious reference books, and many artifacts of St. Peter’s history, including binders holding archives of our history. We welcome visitors and browsers.

St. Peter’s Archives

Archives are the history of our church since its beginning. Archives include a history of decisions made, events that occurred, as well as the people who attended such events. We have been blessed to have paper records going back to when a Summer Sunday School first formed in 1873.

Members of St. Peter’s Church attempt to maintain archives in the Volunteer Office as well as in other places in the building. These archives go back to the minutes of the Trustees who ran the church’s business until the 1950’s as well as Vestry minutes from then until now. History saved on multimedia is not cared for as we do not currently have the capability of documenting it. This is perhaps a role for a future volunteer.

Volunteers can bring a love of history and St. Peter’s to this ministry.