Online Resources for Lent

Forward Day by Day Meditations

Now you can receive your daily meditation online! These meditations are written by clergy and lay people throughout the Episcopal Church and are based on a brief piece of scripture.

Holy Herald

The Youth Ministry Office of the Diocese of PA has created these daily devotions for youth and adults. You can sign up to receive them by text message or email!  They will begin on March 4th and will continue through Easter.  For Lent, these devotions will tell the story of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Journey to the Cross

During Lent, d365 has a special devotion series, Journey to the Cross.  These online daily devotionals are geared for students and have daily Scripture and meditation.  The purpose of these devotionals is to provide time for contemplation and reflection.

Lent Madness

What do you get when you combine a love of sports with a love of saints? Lent Madness, of course. Based loosely on the wildly popular National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament, Lent Madness pits 32 saints against one another in public voting as they compete for the coveted Golden Halo. But it is more than that: Lent Madness is really an online devotional tool designed to help people learn about saints. The creator of Lent Madness, the Rev. Tim Schenck, says “Lent Madness is about getting people to connect with and be inspired by some amazing people who have come before us in the faith. Some are already household names and others are virtually unknown, but we can all learn something from the unique ways they followed God. Plus, there’s no rule that says Lenten disciplines have to be dreary

It’s time to… Stop, Pray, Work, Play & Love

So much of our stress and anxiety derives from our pollution of Time. God has given us the gift of time, and called it holy, yet we often experience time as a curse. In a series of short, daily videos over five weeks, the Brothers of SSJE invite us to recapture time as a gift. Join the Brothers as they wrestle with questions of time and discover how to experience the joy of the present moment. Each day, subscribers receive a video and reflection question.  This resource runs from Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday.

What is Lent again? 40 Days of Lent

On the website Videos for the Soul a new video is added from Ash Wednesday to Easter. These videos are collected from all across the web. They are funny, moving and amazing. Each reminds us to see the Christ in all people. On the site you can sign up to receive a daily email which includes these videos.

Create a Ripple Lenten Program

We are fast approaching the season of Lent, a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice, and good works in preparation of the celebration of Easter. This year the Joliet Diocese Social Justice Coalition invites your parish to incorporate social justice into your Lenten practices. We have created a weekly social justice awareness/education/action program called Create a Ripple.

Realizing that you may have already planned Lenten activities for your parish, we have designed Create a Ripple such that it can stand alone or be included as a natural social justice extension of your traditional Lenten activities.

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