Pastoral Care

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors provide the bread and wine to those who are unable to attend services at St. Peter’s Church on a regular basis. Visits take place at nursing homes, the parishioner’s home, or the hospital. Our visits begin with a friendly smile, news from the pews, and empathetic listening. During an abbreviated service, communion is shared. Occasionally the visitor is asked to read certain prayers or psalms. A normal visit lasts from a half hour to an hour.

Visitors can take communion after church on Sundays or during the week. Our Rector trains and approves all visitors.

What better way to touch the lives of the homebound than to provide the bread of life and the cup of salvation? It’s hard to tell who benefits most: the receiver or the provider. To serve as a Eucharistic Visitor, you need a car and the ability to listen.

Knit Wits

The Knit Wits group gathers to do handwork while sharing our skills, enjoying each other’s company, and creating pieces that bring joy and warmth to members of our community and members of our companion churches in Guatemala. We also have members who work at home. We have knitted or crocheted many prayer shawls and scarves that have been a blessing and a comfort to others. Any form of handwork is welcome and some of our projects are just for fun or learning new techniques!

Our prayer shawls are blessed before they are given and have a tag that says: “Made with love and prayers by the Knit Wits of St. Peter’s Church, Glenside, PA.” If you would like to learn more about prayer shawls, visit:

No skills are needed to be a Knit Wit; you can come and learn. If, however, you have a skill, this would be a wonderful place to share it. Another way to share this ministry is to donate 3 matching skeins of Lion Brand “homespun” yarn. If you know someone who needs a prayer shawl, please let us know. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m. (or you can work from home).

Pat’s Cookies

This ministry was named for the late Pat Hoar, who began it years ago. During the Christmas season, we ask members to bake cookies for our shut-ins. Volunteer visitors deliver the cookies, calendars, and notes to them the week before Christmas. This is one of the ways that St. Peter’s maintains our connections with members who can no longer come to church.

If you bake at Christmas, set aside a dozen (or more) cookies for Pat’s Cookies. Non-bakers can donate wrapped candies for the packages. About a week before Christmas, volunteer to pack cookies. Volunteer to deliver one or more cookie packages and spend a few minutes meeting and visiting with our wonderful older members. This is a once-a-year project around Christmas season.

Prayer List & Prayer Chain

St. Peter’s Church maintains a Prayer List of those in special need of prayer. Updated weekly, copies are available in the church mailbox (marked “Prayer List”) or by email. Please contact the church office to add someone to the list. The list includes church members and members of the wider community who are in hospital or rehab, the recently bereaved, those with current or long-term illness or problems, the homebound, those in hospice care, the military, and the clergy. Occasionally, a sudden need arises and prayers are requested via a Prayer Chain by phone or special email.

People on the Prayer List are held up in prayer each Wednesday at the healing service (9:30 a.m.) in the Chapel. Church members who pick up the Prayer list from the mailbox or who receive it by email each week offer intercessory prayers at home during the week using either a Litany for Healing (which can be supplied) or their own prayers.

All are invited to come to the Wednesday healing service or to receive the Prayer List. All you need is a belief in the power of prayer. To receive the Email Prayer List or to become part of the Prayer Chain ministry, please call or email the church office. State whether you wish to be part of the phone Prayer Chain or the Email Prayer List.